Do you have any connected rooms for families?
We have the possibility for families up to 4 people to use the connected rooms, Superior Family Room with side sea view or the spacious seafront-pool suites.

We have a child of just a few months, are you prepared for him/her?
Of course, we cradles and parapets for the beds. There are also baby chairs in the dining-room. We ask you to contact us in advance.

My child still eats baby food, how can I do this for the meals?
Our kitchen is also organized for the needs of the smallest babies. If your baby needs specific products (for example homogenized, rice's creams, etc.) we ask you to give it to us at your arrival.

Is it possible to let our child have dinner before us?
No problem, we just ask you to inform us in advance.

Do you have a space for babies in your Hotel?
Yes, our garden has an equipped area for small children.